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Detroit Zoo - Crawfish Frog

Crawfish frog

Rana areolata

At the Detroit Zoo
The crawfish frog resides at the Detroit Zoo for only three months of the year. This endangered frog is part of a repatriation project, which means that eggs are collected, allowed to develop to a life stage just before metamorphosis and then returned to the wild. This method allows for better survivorship when the frog is most vulnerable at the tadpole stage. Due to these efforts, the crawfish frog is not viewable to the public, and remains behind the scenes of the award-winning National Amphibian Conservation Center – a leader in amphibian conservation and research.

The crawfish frog has a large, stocky body that can be yellow or brown with numerous brown spots with light colored rings around them. Its organs are slightly visible through its white underbelly. It can be found in meadows, prairies, woodlands and brushy fields.

Fun Facts

  • The crawfish frog moves faster on land than it does in water.