Polk Penguin Conservation Center

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Current Amount:
$28.2 million


Be a part of the growing community of “penguin people” who have experienced the new Polk Penguin Conservation Center. Share in the excitement by making a gift today!

The Polk Penguin Conservation Center is designed to set the new standard for penguin care and conservation worldwide. The habitat ensures an optimal environment for the penguins’ welfare and encourages wild behavior, from diving and porpoising to nesting and rearing young. In addition to providing an unparalleled visitor experience, the new penguin center offers engaging educational opportunities that lead to an appreciation and stewardship of nature.

Inspired by Sir Ernest Shackleton’s legendary Antarctic expeditions and epic crossings of the Drake Passage, the experience features 4-D effects such as polar blasts, rough waves and snow. The building’s dramatic exterior evokes a tabular iceberg with an ice crevasse and waterfall, conjuring the stark and beautiful Antarctic icescape right in the heart of southeast Michigan.

Gifts of $1,000 or more will be recognized on our donor wall in the new Polk Penguin Conservation Center.

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